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Our college College Culture Matcher is set to launch in July 2020. Stay tuned for our other two tools, available from September 2020! Learn more about what we are working on below:


Iris understands that it can be a challenge to filter through 4140 US universities to help find which one’s are truly best suited to your needs. Our College Culture Matcher strives to streamline this process. Fill out our 2.5 minute survey and get matched with a curated list of colleges personalised to your preferences. Our data is taken from over 1237 current college students to provide the most authentic perspective possible.


Don’t let accessibility be your barrier to decision-making. We are here to assist your exploration journey on your own accord. Our discovery directory collates a database of over 100 pieces of collateral from current students, alumni and faculty outlining their perspectives of university culture.


Still have a burning question you want answered? Connect and clarify with one of Iris Education’s cohort of experienced ambassadors in a casual, 1:1 and confidential virtual space. Ranging from club presidents to research gurus, our team is here for you.

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