Club Coffee Chats: Indian Students Association

Sriram Nagappan, the marketing chair of the Indian Students Association at Ohio State University shares a bit about the organization and its mission.

Which initiatives within ISA resonated with you the most?

“I think the ISA initiatives that have resonated the most with me are the willingness of the board members to make sure that each event makes people feel at home and create an atmosphere such that it feels just like India.”

Why did you get involved in ISA?

“I choose to get involved with ISA because I feel a sense of belonging and I really enjoy celebrating Indian culture and organizing events! Definitely something I would recommend to incoming students and you could also make a ton of friends whom you can easily relate to!”

What is the best way to learn about the ISA experience as a freshman and do you have any advice for incoming college students?

“Obviously being a board members also helps you learn more about different events from different parts of India and also gets you good exposure with event planning! If I could tell my high school self something it would be to be more open to meeting new people and attending ISA events!”

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