Competitive Culture in Computer Science

Ani Lagisetty is a current sophomore from Ohio studying Computer Science at UMich. Iris sits down with him to learn about his journey into one of the country’s most rigorous engineering programs.

What online tools did you find useful in your college search?

“I found the virtual campus day tours really useful to understand what campus was like. In addition, to gain a true perspective of life, it was the students I talked to that shaped my opinion. The websites were fantastic but only had snapshots of time that were nowhere near what the actual experience is.”

What is UMich’s competitive culture like particularly in the Computer Science program?

“We are definitely one of the best schools in the country for CS so our department is definitely huge. However, Computer Science is split into the Arts and Engineering stream with different pre-requisite courses leaning towards the humanities or maths respectively. Due to the number of students, I would say it is competitive and you don’t get a lot of attention but the department is slowly listening and changing to the needs of students.”

How did you approach student involvement given the time commitment of your degree?

“During high school I was pretty consistent with clubs but when I transitioned the workload was much higher so I couldn’t do the same level of commitment. I am currently only in one club but the high class demand, forced me to pick clubs I really enjoy and prioritize accordingly. I can say that whatever I involve myself in now are things I truly enjoy. In addition, it taught me a lot about figuring out in advance how much time each activity takes and how to organize my schedule accordingly. Overall, I would say there is no harm in trying new things as long as you stick with the ones that really add value.”

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