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Explore our Discovery Directory: a curated collection of insights from alumni, students and faculty in over 15 different universities around the US. Featuring a mix of video snippets, personal interviews and handwritten insights, Iris is here to deliver to you an authentic, original and centralized mode of college exploration.

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Northwestern University

Northwestern is private university located in Evanston, Illinois. It is a mid-sized college with an 8% acceptance rate and 8161 undergraduate students.

University of Michigan

With 29,245 undergraduate students, University of Michigan is a public college located in Ann, Arbor Michigan. It has a 23% acceptance rate.

University of Pennsylvania

An 8% acceptance rate and 10,605 undegraduates, UPenn is an Ivy league public instituition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign

A public university in Champaign, Illinois with a 62% acceptance rate. UIUIC has an enrollment of 32, 757 and is located in Champaign, Illinois.


Dartmouth is an Ivy league instituition located in Hanover, New Hampshire. It has a competitive acceptance rate of 9% and undergraduate population of 4,357 students.


UCLA is a public institution in Los Angeles, California. It is a large university with 31,009 undergraduate students and a 14% acceptance rate.

UC Berkeley

A competitive public university, UC Berkeley is located in Berkeley, California. It has an acceptance rate of 15% and 29,570 undergraduates.

Ohio State University

Ohio state is a public university in Columbus, Ohio, It has a large enrollment of 42,381 undergraduates and acceptance rate of 52%.

Washington University

Washington University is located in St. Louis, Missouri. It is a private institution with a 15% acceptance rate and 7356 undergraduate students.


New York University is a public college in New York. It has 25, 725 undergraduates and 20% acceptance rate.


Located in Durham, North Carolina with 6,659 undergraduates. Duke University is a private university with a 9% acceptance rate.

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