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We chat with Arshya Srinivas, co-founder of Scope, a personalized platform that visualizes local discounts, to learn about her journey as an entrepreneur in Northwestern.

How did you get involved in the startup space?

“One of my closest friends I made during my freshman year was really interested in working at the Garage (the on-campus incubator space). At that point, I knew so little about startups and the opportunities at Northwestern to work in the entrepreneurial space, so my friend and I started learning as much as we can about the space. Once I started looking deeper, I realized that entrepreneurship was something I wanted to get into! Looking back, it was that initial curiosity to learn more about what my friend was interested in that propelled me forward.”

How do you see your experience as a founder tying into your major in Industrial Engineering?

Students of Industrial Engineering are encouraged to apply engineering concepts to business applications! This engineering mindset has proven to be integral to my experience as a founder. Some of the skills I learned while completing engineering projects such as DTC and Capstone are skills that I apply on my longer-term startup goals (for example, learning how to utilize a design thinking approach, understanding how to deliver a product that your client needs, etc).

How is the Garage community and what role does it play in your college journey?

“The Garage community has been integral to my college journey. I have met some of the brightest, most innovative minds through the Garage, and they just inspire me to do more. The community is also such a great support system – whether I have a startup issue or a completely separate issue, I know that I can find someone at the Garage to talk to about it. The Garage has helped me discover so many opportunities that I would have missed if I had not been involved.

What tips would you give to your freshman self?

“Do not think too much about things that you can’t control! I think there is a difference between being prepared and being over-prepared. I would also tell myself to trust myself to be adaptable, so when things go wrong, there is always a solution.

If you could reveal one hidden gem of NU to a freshman what would it be?

“Do not underrate the activity fair! Go, sign up for a million activities, and then whittle them down to some of the key things you are passionate about. College is the time to explore things you are truly interested in, and going to the activity fair in the fall really allows you to explore.

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