Residencies, Research and Realizations

We listen in as Cam talks about her journey in WashU; all from her first visit during her high school sophomore year, to her realization of what industry she wants to pursue.

What led you to apply and commit to WashU?

“I first visited WashU during my sophomore year of high school with an older friend, after visiting my grandparents. I immediately loved the energy I got from it, and went back to visit the summer before my senior year, when I was thinking more seriously about applying. I didn’t know what I wanted to study yet, so I wanted a school with a lot of options. WashU has plenty of research opportunities to choose from, as well as a broader liberal arts education, which was something I hadn’t seen in any other school I visited. For that reason, and the fact that every single person I met when I visited was so nice and welcoming, I decided to apply early decision to WashU.

What are some parts of college you wish you were aware about during high school?

“I wish I had paid more attention to the exact major programs that WashU offers. I took the fact that they have a well-rounded liberal arts approach for granted and didn’t look into any specific courses that I could have benefitted from. Now that I have honed in on the industry I want to go into after college, I have to work a little bit harder to get the necessary experience and education outside of the classes I can take at WashU.

Additionally, I would look into the specific clubs and activities that you could get involved in. I was very lucky to stumble upon organizations and activities that I was already interested in, but to find the best community possible, look into those beforehand. 

What do you think is the best part of WashU?

I have always heard people say, and said myself, that the best part of WashU is the people. Everyone is very friendly, but not overly so, and so passionate about what they are studying. There is nothing to be ashamed of in talking about what you love and being yourself at WashU, and it is just big enough that you will always find people who embrace you for who you are.

How has WashU’s residential/ student life experience added to your major? 

Residential life can be very nice at WashU. If you can, opting for a modern dorm provides the best amenities and proximity to dining halls. However, traditional dorms form a closer-knit community. Some of my best friends at WashU are my suite mates from my freshman year, but I have made others from clubs, orientations, and sports teams. In terms of social life, it can be whatever you make it, and can change depending on what you feel like doing.

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