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Nicole Angell, an Elementary Education major describes her college journey at UIUC from clubs to class sizes.

What was the transition like from your high school to UIUC?

“The high school I went to provided both AP and honors classes with the flexibility of choosing your own rigor. I felt well prepared due to this to the academic pace at UIUC. Pursuing an Elementary Education major leant itself to small class sizes in college so the transition wasn’t too overwhelming and a lot easier than the traditional major. I would say that the class size and level of interaction is major dependent in UIUC.

What is the student population like?

I think there is a segment for every type of student at UIUC. If you enjoy going out, UIUC definitely is a great school but you can also find a smaller yet significant portion of people that don’t enjoy parties. I would say dorm life is a great place to find friends, and was where I found my first friends but you can always branch out on what you feel like doing.

Tell us a bit about residential life.

UIUC has both private and public dorms and you can pick the system you want to be in. By junior year almost everyone is in off-campus apartments but sophomore year is more of a mix. Dorm rooms can be themed, with every one have a different personality and based on the type of system you have you either have the corresponding private vs university dining plan. Typically you can’t have meals with people from the other residential system but this is easy to get past. There are also a ton of dietary options from vegan to kosher available!

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