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Lucy Tian, a pre-med major in WashU, discusses curating her own identity in one of the most popular universities for the healthcare track.

What made you decide on WashU?

“I was set on pursuing the pre-med path and WashU is one of the most well-known universities for the healthcare field. Even though a lot of people are also pursuing medicine, everyone is always willing to help each other and are extremely friendly. This was something I noticed when I visited campus that motivated me to apply Early Decision.”

What do you think WashU offers that makes their pre-med program standout?

“WashU has incredible advising resources. We have dedicated pre-med advisors that have great knowledge on what medical schools look for but also support you on your individual journey. They encourage you to do what you are interested in but also make you a successful candidate. The professors are always there for you and the huge number of clubs that cater to health really help solidify your learnings.”

Health in general is such a wide space. How did you find your niche?

“Though the clubs are pre-med centric, I would say they do offer an interdisciplinary view. With everything from pre-dental to policy, I feel like though we are more health-focused, we don’t lose out on the expanse of options within the field. In addition, I was able to find my own niche by talking to upperclassmen, graduated students and professors so I could narrow down on what I liked. The healthcare fraternity I am in also guided this journey and led me to consider options like an MD/PhD which I would have not known about before.”

How did you pick which clubs would be most valuable for your journey?

“Definitely happened by chance where I went through the common experience of trying out everything, realizing I was doing too much and then cutting down. During this, I recognized that the ones I stayed with, were the organizations where I connected most with the people.”

Any last tips?

“Academics is definitely only one piece of the experience. There are so many other factors like location and the social climate that you should include in your decision-making. Target the small details because in reality they end up shaping a big part of your journey.”

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