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We are Iris Education – a team of passionate students, faculty and alumni dedicated to translating college culture virtually for international high school students.


What We Do

Through our college matcher we analye your cultural preferences against our database of student-aggregated university data to provide you with a curated, personalised list of match colleges.

We know learning about a prospective home for the next four years can be challenging being remote. Iris makes this process easier by providing specialised tools for discovering various areas of college life.

Nothing can replicate hearing answers from current students, alumni and faculty to all your queries. We work to connect you 1:1 with our expert team in a casual and accessible space.

Are you a current college student looking to contribute? We would love to hear your perspective on university culture through our questionnaire below:

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About Us

Why Iris?

We are hard-working, committed and passionate to build bridges in learning about universities regardless of time and place. Iris was founded in early 2020 with this goal in mind, after we realised how different our journeys would have been with more accessibility and opinions. Our college fit calculator and connect & clarify tools are the first steps to offering this support so that every student’s decision can be based on so much more than a SAT score.

Who are we?


Sreya is a sophomore student at Northwestern University pursuing Industrial Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Managerial Analytics. Coming from Australia with a passion in entrepreneurship and education, she hopes to bridge the gap in the education space for access to information that truly reflect college experiences.

Chief Technical Officer

Vikas is a current sophomore student at Northwestern University pursuing Industrial Engineering and Computer Science. From Ohio, with a passion for analytics and data he hopes to generate unique technological solutions that improve accessibility and centralisation.

Head of Communication and Growth

Ariz is a senior student at Northwestern University studying, bioanthropology on the pre-med track. As a transfer student from Notre Dame, understanding how university culture impacts the college experience is an area he resonated deeply with.

Head of Creative Design

Abigail is a current junior from Seattle studying Social Policy with a Design and Civic Engagement certificate at Northwestern. With prior experience in logo and website design, she leads the design and creative strategy for the team.

Head of Front-End Development

Originally from Houston and studying Computer Science, Sydney is a junior at Northwestern University. With a passion for the Learning Sciences, she combines her coding skills and deep understanding of the education space into her role as the lead front-end developer for the team.

Why is this important?

“When choosing between colleges from Spain without access to resources that explained the culture, I was blind: they all looked the same.”


“Living in Kenya and India, weather was something I took for granted that I never realised was such an important factor in my college experience.”


“After coming to college, I noticed the value of diving beyond rankings . How the people make the school should be the #1 factor in the discovery process.”


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